Creative indoor and outdoor design made of wood.

Daniel Haasnoot Wood Art Design: Explore the unlimited variety of shapes, patterns and design combinations.

Decorative Wood Art Designs

Where is your most inspirational place? Whether it’s home, office, practice, yoga studio or outdoor event
space – our most valued places are where we can take off our masks, express ourselves creatively, find fulfilment in helping others, let our imagination soar.

Creating this inspiring and unique atmosphere, Daniels decorative wood art designs make a perfect addition to enhance the vibe of any place, indoors and outdoors, with or without lightening.
Custom designs are also available on request.

My Story

Daniel Haasnoot

I was born into an artistic family.
Growing up, I was always surrounded with art from all sorts of materials.
Following my father and working in his furniture factory for most of my life, I have always felt a different connection to wood.
I created my first wooden lamp when I was 10 years old. That was my first connection to light.

Traveling the world with my wife for over 6 years, doing all sorts of craftsmen jobs, helped me gather the knowledge and skills that are now manifested in my work.
I had worked with different materials over the years but my passion always kept pulling me back to wood.